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Buenas aqui dejo los cuatro post para que se puedan inscribir en en evento, mas la informacion del este reto, todos pueden participar desde diferentes puestos!


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Changing Our Ways Masterpost

Title: Changing Our Ways
Author: bellacatbee
Artist: silly_blue
Beta: cassness
Wordcount: 19, 100 approx.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Attempted Rape, Kidnapping, Imprisonment, Humiliation, Explicit Sexual Content, Season 7 Spoilers
Pairing(s): Castiel/Dean Winchester, Castiel/Dick Roman, Leviathan!Dean Winchester/Castiel, Unrequited Meg Masters/Castiel
Summary: Season 7 AU, taking place after “The Born Again Identity”
Dick Roman learns that Castiel is alive and arranges for his abduction from the mental institution Castiel has been left in by the Winchesters. Castiel goes willingly with his abductor, falsely believing this is the punishment he’s owed for releasing the Leviathans into the world.

Meg, unable to prevent Castiel’s kidnap, calls Dean. Dean has conflicted feelings about Castiel but refuses to leave the angel to whatever fate Dick has planned for him. Dean and Sam meet up with Meg and together the three of them plan a rescue mission.

Meanwhile, Dick Roman plays mind games with Castiel, creating another Leviathan version of Dean and taunting Castiel with the truth about his love for the hunter.
WIP Mini Cover mit text copy

Fic Masterpost: Here
Art Masterpost: Here
Come to Me

Siren Song

Title: Siren Song
Author: darklingdawns
Artist: sammycolt24
Pairing: Spike/Dean, Spike/Angel, Sam/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Major character death, bloodplay, minor angst

Summary: Picks up after Twihard, but there’s a reason Dean was throwing up after he took the cure - it didn’t take. He’s left a vampire, and while he tries to ignore it, that turns out to be a very bad idea. At the end of his rope, Sam calls on an old contact of their father’s, who promises to send them help in the form of a vampire expert. Problem is, they didn’t expect the vampire expert to be a vampire himself! Dean is forced to spend some time with his new mentor, learning about what it means to be a vampire, from blood (which he doesn’t want to drink) to sires (which he doesn’t have) and more.

Story here

Art here

On AO3 as well, for those that prefer pdf/epub/mobi

Unforeseen Consequences - MasterPost

Title: Unforeseen Consequences
Author: verucasalt123
Artist: freetocry (art masterpost coming soon)
Beta: sammichgirl
Wordcount: 15,245
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Sam/Cas, Dean/OFC
Summary: (post S5-AU) Sam doesn't go to hell, and Cas returns completely human (and sarcastic, smartassy and fond of using profanity). The three of them start hunting together and Dean suffers a major permanent injury to his right arm. They end up settling down in a town where Dean had met a girl the last time they were there. Sam and Cas are very attracted to each other but won't do anything about it. Will either of them ever be brave enough to make the first move?


Chapter One

Chapter Two
good intentions

In Medias res Masterpost

Title: In Media Res
Author: dimeliora
Wordcount: 38,418
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean, OFC/OMC
Beta(s): The tireless l_niania and the inimitable sammichgirl
Artist: The incredibly talented and pleasant weekendship.
Summary: Dean wakes a day after dying with no memories of Hell, and no idea what has happened. His only clues are a catatonic Sam, and whatever his brother was doing when they were separated. Written for the spnslashbigbang.

Author's Notes: This was my first big bang, and man I cannot I describe how awesome it was. The Mods, my Betas, my Artist, just all of it was incredible. I cannot say thank you to these people enough, because I'm really not a good enough wordsmith to share my appreciation. I have been informed that there are only about five to seven people on the planet who truly understand String Theory. I am not one of them, and if you are I suggest you not read this unless you want a good laugh.

Art Masterpost (And you really need to see these in their full glory here.)

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The Best Thing About College Is...

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel

Rating: NC-17


Warnings and kinks: age difference (Gabriel's older than Sam)

Summary: Sam is a college freshman, skipping the dorm scene and moving in with his brother and a couple of other guys to help pay rent. On their first night there, a misunderstanding between the Novaks (their new roommates) and Dean results in rising tension over the course of the semester. Meanwhile, Sam slowly gets to know his eccentric new roommate and Dean tries not to feel bad for Cas, who is clearly floundering under a mountain of schoolwork.

Disclaimer: I don't own Jared, Jensen, or anyone else. This is fiction and I'm not profiting from it.

Notes: A big thank you to my beta, jonjokeat, and the spnslashbigbang com for everything :). And of course, thank you to my artist viviantanner for her lovely art.

Angel of the Lord

Pinch Hitters

We need pinch hitters! Who wants to be an angel and raise someone from perdition with their art? Please reply with your email address - comments will be screened to keep anyone but the mods from seeing.

ETA: We've got all the art in - thanks to those who offered to help out, and here's looking forward to posting!

Gentle Reminder

Hey y'all! Just a reminder that the artist drafts are due tomorrow - as of right now, we haven't received a single one, so please make sure you get those in. We need to see the drafts of at least two pieces of art emailed to spnslashbigbang@gmail.com