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1. Can I make art in addition to writing a story?
Sure- the more people that sign up, the merrier! Just remember to sign up on both the writer's and artist's sign up posts so we know you're interested in both.

2. Can writers team up to work on a story together?
Yep, just make sure that when you sign up, you indicate that you'll be posting as a team and list both names on your sign-up post.

3. Is there a maximum word limit?
The minimum word count for the story is 15,000 words, and the story you submit at the deadline needs to have a beginning, middle, and end. There's no maximum limit, so go nuts!

4. Can a writer sign up for more than one story?
No, we're keeping it to one story per writer or team for this round. Depending on demand, we may change that for future rounds.

5. Does the story have to be entirely slash?
No. Feel free to include het if you want, but the primary pairing does need to be either slash or femmeslash. So a Sam/Dean story with a Jo/Ash scene would be allowed, but a Dean/Jo story with a Sam/Castiel scene would not.
6. Can I write a threesome or polyamorous pairing?
Threesomes and moresomes are definitely allowed, so long as there's at least one slash pairing included, and the main pairing of the piece is slash. OT3s are allowed with the same rules

7. Can I include RPF/RPS?
While we certainly have nothing against RPF, this community is solely for Supernatural slash, so all stories need to take place in a fictional universe and include only fictional characters. After "The French Mistake", we realize that Jared and Jensen's universe is now part of Supernatural canon, and you're welcome to work within it, but remember that we never actually saw either Js on the show, only Sam and Dean.

8. Can I post additional art that I or someone besides my artist has done?
Not until at least a week after your story's posting date. We certainly don't want to discourage people from making additional art, but we want to make sure your artist's work gets a chance to shine as well.

9. What counts as art for the purposes of this challenge?
Banners, posters, book covers, illustrations, icons, videos... we have a pretty wide definition. Fanmixes, while great, can be included but do not count as art by themselves.

10. What if I finish ahead of deadline?
Well, you win our admiration, for one thing. And feel free to submit your draft anytime you're finished- just send the summary information that'll be included on the sign-up posts to

11. What happens if I don't make the deadline?
No problem, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way or you end up with something way more epic than you intended. Your summary won't be posted for the artists to pick from, so you won't be able to participate in this round, but keep writing! You can always work on it and submit it for the next one.

12. I keep my journal f-locked. Can I post the story on here?
We prefer that you don't post the full story on here, but link instead. You don't have to have your journal open to the public, just the posting for the story or art.

If you have questions about any of this, don't hesitate to either ask in the comments below or email us at
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