Morgana (darklingdawns) wrote in spnslashbigbang,

Reveal Time!

I know it's been a while since the claiming post went up, but all stories have artists, and so now it's time for the reveal and posting dates! Authors and artists, please touch base with each other - anyone who hasn't received something from their author/artist by Friday, please let us know. Also, you'll notice we've pushed the posting dates out because of the delay, so the artist deadline is now going to be May 5th. Questions or concerns, comment below. Thanks and we're looking forward to some great stories and art!

May 15 - jackles67 & viviantanner

May 16 - dimeliora & weekendship

May 17 - darklingdawns & sammycolt24

May 18 - verucasalt123 & freetocry

May 19 - bellacatbee & silly_blue
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