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I want another pony

Unforeseen Consequences - MasterPost

Title: Unforeseen Consequences
Author: verucasalt123
Artist: freetocry (art masterpost coming soon)
Beta: sammichgirl
Wordcount: 15,245
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Sam/Cas, Dean/OFC
Summary: (post S5-AU) Sam doesn't go to hell, and Cas returns completely human (and sarcastic, smartassy and fond of using profanity). The three of them start hunting together and Dean suffers a major permanent injury to his right arm. They end up settling down in a town where Dean had met a girl the last time they were there. Sam and Cas are very attracted to each other but won't do anything about it. Will either of them ever be brave enough to make the first move?


Chapter One

Chapter Two
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